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Minimum functions is not a bad thought

Dima Bohatyrchuk
In any sphere of activity, we are looking for ways to organize our work. Whether it will be separate tasks or working on a complex project. All in all, you should see the overall picture and the result. This approach is especially important for the IT-sphere which values every hour of human work.

Now we want to consider a concrete method which will help to achieve clarity in the future product, check it to success or failure. It is the MVP (minimum viable product), which itself is a fairly common appearance for IT. It allows you to see in advance, check the project or resource for capacity to work.

What is MVP and why are we talking about it?

MVP it is a product which has the minimal functions. However, it is enough to satisfy the clients. The main task is getting feedback to create the hypothesis for the further development of the product. MVP-development prevents the waste of the budget and verifies the viability of the project.

The definition was created by Frank Robinson near 2001 and was popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Rice. This process also can include the previous market analysis. As an example, we have the goal to create a mobile app, landing page or site with a plenty of simple functions. The process development units which are the basis for the potential client. Also, an accumulation the information from MVP is cheaper than the project development with full functionality. All the more so, “minimum” doesn’t mean “minimal quality.”

Let’s understand the essence of it

In the case of success in the MVP and attracted clients, widening occurs and new additions are implemented. Then it gets transforming into the high-grade business project. Just for the growth of that are applied the possible efforts. This idea is directed to avoid working on the not important projects, which will not be used and in demand. Adding to all, MVP allows getting the concrete information about the costs of attraction the customers.

To create an MVP product, first, you need to gather information about its market demand. Its precise analysis will enable identification of the final target audience and the vector of its future growth. Everything in the complex, including the marketing campaign, allows you to see the prospect of the future product – from presentation to training of personnel, how to use the product.

It is necessary to single out the main goal of MVP which implies the involvement of customers by developers in the final of the project to the market conditions.

MVP is a strategy that aims to sell the project to customers. First of all, an MVP function is a desire to minimize time resources. The process takes place till the desired viable product is obtained. Such a product is the minimum number of characteristics that can lead to a growth strategy, relevance, and popularity of the whole project.

Why do I need MVP?

The main goals embodied in the creation of such product make possible to discern its positive characteristics.

Check the product hypothesis with minimal resources (you need to be able to see and understand a development strategy).

Reduction of spent engineering hours (creating a prototype is an operational process with the less human efforts).

Getting a product for early customers (as already mentioned, here we convey the basic idea of who will use the product and why).

The basis for other products (based on the concept of the prototype, you can use it to create the similar projects).

"MVP is a strategy that can be used as a part of Steve Blanc's "customer development" methodology that focuses on constant iterations based on the feedback from customers."

Also, an MVP's goal is to form a market before heavily investing. MVP starts with a vision of the overall picture of the project that exists throughout the lifecycle, not paying attention to the fact that it is based on indirect and explicit feedback from future users. It turns out as a result of the lack of expense for finance and time for extra functionality. But it does not mean saving on everything. Work on effectiveness testing.

What do you need to consider then?

Feedback. Trivially, but many startups and major young companies fail because they ignore the feedback of users and developers. It is necessary to react on the signals from them and eliminate shortcomings, in case of successful creation of the prototype and its presentation with subsequent improvement.

What to look for?

When developing financial instruments that can be obtained with the help of analytical tools, you should look for:

  • daily number of users

  • retention factor

  • average time spent in the application or on the website.

What errors are allowed in MVP?

The first and principle failure which comes from the wrong perception is related to a process of creation MVP. What do we speak about? When it was created, approved, and estimated, the developers keep on their work with MVP. It’s a false beforehand.

In fact, it needs (will be better) to start to create soft solutions from scratch and go ahead to improve that. Not the MVP. We see that many people make this error by continuing to invest more and more. We want to avoid that in your project. In addition to this, it will be appropriate to admit few mistakes which are frequently committed by companies.

1.The announcement of certain "chips" is given without implementation later.

It's great when the service has a chip. Customers can come to you precisely because of it. In the MVP phase startups like to announce future innovations and additions. But everything happens, and before the incarnation of this chip, the case may not reach. Reputation is our everything.

2. Passion for the idea

Sometimes an obsession with the success of the business idea prevents reasonable access to real situation. If tests show that you must refuse from some elements or functions, do not resist. You may save your ideas for the future. Check the business experiences in your direction activity and pay attention to its improvements.

3. SaaS & MVP

One of the most visual examples of the successful using development MVP principles is a development of the model of client’s service based on SaaS.

  • First, it was proved that the future is behind the network technologies;

  • Then the possibility of obtaining services over the network was clearly demonstrated;

  • Afterwards, the reliability, high quality, and cheapness of these services were demonstrated;

  • The final stage was approbation of mass access to resources on the server side and a powerful advertising company with a new way of obtaining network services.

What is especially important, SaaS does not stand still. First of all, it sees its shortcomings and strives to eliminate them, all within the framework of the MVP strategy. Secondly, it outlines new, more global tasks to ensure the variability of services received from one server.

Also, it should be noted that for some big projects you have to create MVP firstly. The main purpose of it is checking users' feedback. Ideally, it will be better to work based on the report of business analysis. It will review your idea before an MVP and predict the growth’ opportunities. Budget, strengths, and weaknesses of this.

MVP principles 

The elements without your MVP are not MVP. Get rid of everything superfluous in the prototype, remain only the valuable elements for the user.

There is no beauty. Do not delve into the design, make a working prototype and do not waste resources.


Know MVP users. Gather maximum information about those who will interact with the prototype.

Is your MVP truncated? Cut again in half. Development, time, design. Remain only the main thing to check the idea. MVP should carry the key value while working.

Without backend. To create an MVP, we are looking for the variants without heavy and long development.

Run as early as possible. Even in case of failure, we will have the advantages of the former. If the chip is new, users will be more loyal.

Don’t be afraid to throw out an MVP. It is normal.

Among additional tasks put in the development process on the basis of MVP, are following:

  • Early warning the market about the product.

  • Early capture of the market share, including training in the primary capabilities of the product and attracting the future consumer to the development process.

  • Involvement in the first results of the product development to implementation in other products based on that.

  • Project early testing which facilitates the entire process of bringing the product to the final market competitive form.

  • Persuasion of the market in the needs for the represented product.

So, generalizing, it should be noted that MVP is testing hypotheses, speed, and saving resources. We understand everyone has a chance to realize their ideas. We are interested in providing assistance and support. That’s why we practice the creation of the reliable MVP. And we offer this everybody. We have a great interest in the interaction with unique persons, entrepreneurs. We like to analyze our results, keep an eye on the growth.

We can work with MVP. If we lived up expectations for development of MVP, if an idea was qualitatively represented, then you can use our special offer to create the main product in the future. This is profitable and promising. It will function and benefit your audience. About the Code offers its customers a product’s prototype (MVP) service in any sphere of activity which will have the high-quality functions. We will focus on your idea, and you will hit a growth spurt. 

If you have the express and practical idea you want to realize, join us and let’s find out the fresh decision together. To make a go of success, you can always contact us to collaborate. 

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