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Career myths that must be avoided

Dima Bohatyrchuk
It seems crazy, but your experiences or location no matter by and large. You and no one else makes the limits in your own consciousness. In this case, you follow your mind. We want to break down a few myths about it.

Have you ever inclined to believe, that you one of those, who are the successful person in career? Or your choice about that was wrong? Do you wanna turn back the clock and stay in another way of your future life? If you are limited to your skills, experience and other, you must think, that every all of us can grow in one direction.

Do you imagine, that these all aren’t true? Anymore. It seems crazy, but your experiences or location no matter by and large. You and no one else makes the limits in your own consciousness. In this case, you follow your mind. We want to break down a few myths about it. Let’s go.

1. At the start of your career path, the salary is always low

This is a simple opinion about pay. In part, this is so. But if you have a lot of experience in one area, and go into the next one, in your mind come the words: “salary always depends on experience”. Honestly, you forget about the skills that you have gained after a lot of working period in one field.

On one side, several years of experience help you to develop some skills which are needed for the concrete job. But, on the other side, this is no longer relevant. The main thing, at first, who you are. Then – what you can. Therefore,  a person has an opportunity to grow and calm to go to a new place.

Old principles of the past. Status doesn’t matter anymore. Only you as a human with some kind of mastery and clear mind. You don’t need to go to the position with the lowest paying. Employers don’t count the years. They value skills. No secrets of that.

2. Huge companies have the best future opportunities for their staff

Are you convincing about the endless capabilities of a big company? If you say, you have it, then perfect. But for everyone else there is no growth and, especially, opportunities. Why? More people, more competition inside. Many of them stay in their positions for years. Growing is slow.

3. The best position is only in your area of activity

Most of the specialists based on their opinions think, they must move forward within their niche. But it’s normal, that you have some different interests, hobby. Then it will be possible to transform your life in that direction. It means to do the best for yourself and learn other information. This will useful to you as the specialist. Some people said about wasted time on it. Don’t listen to them. They regret spending years and don’t want to move on, to the new opportunities.

Are you sure that people should work based on the study during university? Nope. Adding, you can take courses according to your interests and calmly develop in a new sphere. Because, if you do what you love, success will always by your side.

4. You should be a master of only one direction

Really? Some people are convinced of it. Professionalism only one way does not bring happiness. Especially, in business. It will require you to be maximum involvement in all the process. You should have many skills and knowledge in different trades. Thinking about impossible of it make yourself condemned to not become one. To know, how works everything in your company, making yourself useful. 

5. Go ahead every time

If you love your working place, people there, culture, spending your rest days and a company is your second home, it is totally perfect. Really. But please, stop. How strange as it may sound, you are hurting yourself. You ought to rest. There is no disaster to stop working after the end of the workday. Your duties will not go anywhere. Appreciate your own free time, go and talk with friends, call to parents, play football or walking around the square. Calm and less active.

Anyway, you work for yourself. Be healthy and feel happy.  

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