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#1. What’s on the start: one of the most wanted is a PM
Recently, we’ve got an idea to tell you the secrets about what’s happening inside of our company during process development. With pleasure, we want to share up our experience in that direction. We announce a series of the publications just about us, our workflow. We may think that it’s so important to show you in real, what are we have control over the process. It is pertinent to divide the practice into 4 parts separately.
Minimum functions is not a bad thought
In any sphere of activity, we are looking for ways to organize our work. Whether it will be separate tasks or working on a complex project. All in all, you should see the overall picture and the result. This approach is especially important for the IT-sphere which values every hour of human work.
Is IT-outsourcing the future of IT-world?
It's not a secret that to achieve the success in business, you need to apply efforts to gain the growth of the company, and in the future to declare yourself as loud as possible. Employees of the company are the key to its success. These are people holding everything, whatever one may say. Let's consider specifically?
Blockchain: yes or no
The technology was invented for the digital currency, - bitcoin. However, nowadays the technical community is looking for other potential uses for this technology. After all, they can be mass. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, the technology of the block system created the basis. It is like a new kind of the Internet.
The Facebook: an idea to communicate through the video
“In the future, just video will bring us together”, - interpreted Zuckerberg. The communities that created around video (means TV or others) give more results than others. If people have an interaction with their family, for example, through the video, they understand that the time spent full-fledged.
Newest links for developers
Today we live in an epoch of differences and the new global trends in IT-industry. The biggest companies in the world such as Google, Microsoft, PHP and others, give us an opportunity to use their tech innovations, announcements, join their products, which has an impact in IT-age. Let’s look at them and generate in one place. Our future is in their hands.
Career myths that must be avoided
It seems crazy, but your experiences or location no matter by and large. You and no one else makes the limits in your own consciousness. In this case, you follow your mind. We want to break down a few myths about it.
Self-organization tips for everyday use
Ask yourself a question, what kept you out from succeeding the task in time? Most likely, you will find several reasons you think give the grounds for you. It is just a belief, not more. If you do not treat the problem seriously, then you will have troubles in the future.
5 Ways to Make Your Website User-Friendly
The website is simply filled with the content, not always relevant, low quality and not always in time. Thereby the company is losing the opportunity to answer a few dozen of new requests per day more. As a result, the sales and the financial results are low, respectively. How to make your website attract and keep the high-quality audience, and carry its basic function - sell and earn the profit for you?
What is the chat-bot? How it can ginger up your business
Our future is in the new technological solutions created to improve, innovate and bring true colours to our world. Perhaps you already heard of such a thing as a chat-bot and may have reached a common understanding of its functions and skills. But very likely you cannot even imagine the full potential of this kid. You already had lots of occasions to deal with them without even knowing it. Let's search together what is the chat-bot and why you need it.