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About the Code transforms ideas into cutting-edge software solutions. We combine transparency with accessibility, making complex things simple. Our goal is to be a reliable software development partner for business visionaries.
Founder & CEO
Dmytro Bohatyrchuk
Dmytro is the pillar of the company we can all rely on for mentorship. He's a vision-driven leader who remains flexible and fearless in the face of challenges.
  • Noteworthy track record of 50+ projects
  • Master of people management
  • Loves exploring new ventures
Project Portfolio Manager & Creative inspirer
Yuliia Chandrovna
Yuliia is the creative mastermind who knows how to build a motivating and efficient environment for a team to flourish in. Her dedication and commitment prove her to be a champion of making things happen.
  • Strategic visionary
  • Facilitator of ideas
  • Animal rights proponent
Our inspirations
About the Code is a pet and plant-friendly company. We are passionate about animals rights and support local shelter organizations. Furry friends of all breeds and sizes are always welcome to bless our office with their presence. We are inspired by the wonderful moments we get to experience together as a team.
Eva and Cactuses
Innovation and success cannot be achieved without creativity. Like all creative people, we have our own mascots. They are Eve, every team member’s favorite dog in the world, and our cactuses, which help make the atmosphere in our office bright and cozy.
Our offices
About the Code headquarters, the brain and heart of our company is located in downtown Kyiv. This is where our skilled and hard-working development team is located. The main office is where we create unique software solutions for enterprise and government programs. Do you have any challenging ideas? We can surely discuss them together and help you turn them into successful products.
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco is the heart of the IT industry, the place where we started. Our company comes from a city basking in sunlight.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv is the up and coming leader of software development services in Eastern Europe.
Inside look
We love to share our happy moments and positive emotions with you. Get to know us from the inside out.
They trust us
In over 10 years we've developed trusting relationships with our past and present clients who appreciate our dedication and outstanding execution. Our software solutions have benefited both global enterprises and small start-ups. We are always looking for talented and thoughtful people to join our family. Our culture is to embrace challenges, empower our team members to push past the boundaries of their perceived limits and achieve new heights. We are all equal and we trust each other.