About Us

About the Code - the web and mobile development company, registered in USA, with development team based in Ukraine. Thanks to our professional project approach and superior quality, we've already delivered 50+ projects. Working with companies from all over the world, we've found out solid remote cooperation process, based on clear communication, transparency and trust.

Our vision
When one does something really well, it makes a difference. We are all About the Code and writing code really well makes us stand out. Through great coding we create great web, mobile and software products.
About the Code is a result-driven company that creates and develops web, mobile and software products from an ideation stage to a final reveal.
Every project is perceived as a complete new opportunity, therefore we always suggest ways to do better than our client requires.
Agile era of technologies requires strict security policies, which is an essential part in our relationship with clients.

Our working experience is more than 10 years. The company worked on a wide variety of projects in various industries (pharmaceutical, industrial and oil). It also supported a number of governmental Ukrainian projects.